Create a locked-up Staking

What is Locked-up Staking?

A locked-up staking pool allows investors to withdraw ONLY the staking return before the locked-up period ends. Investors won’t be able to withdraw the principal before that.

How to Create Locked-up Staking?


You can select the “reward per block” option to limit the total amount of staking rewards being distributed to users. The processing of each block takes roughly 3 seconds on BNB chain and 12 seconds on Ethereum. “Reward per block” is the total reward being distributed to every stakeholder when a block is fully processed and mined. The reward is distributed based on the staked amount of each holder. “Reward Cap” is the total amount of the reward that the staking pool generates.

A “Reward per block” staking pool does not have a pool cap, and the return rate will diminish as more participants stake their tokens. The return rate of an investor named “Angel” is calculated as follow:

(Reward Cap / Total Staked Amount) x (Angel’s Staked Amount / Total Staked Amount) = Total Return Rate x Angel’s Staking Weight = Angel’s Rate of Return

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