Angel Sale

Create a Presale

How to create a Presale?
Step 1. Connect your wallet and switch to BSC network
Step 2. If you’ve already created a token. Paste the contract address in "Token Address"
Step 3. Select a paired currency
Step 4. Select a fee option
Here is an example:
Step 5. Click “Approve”
Step 6. Confirm the transaction at your wallet, and click "Next"
Step 7. Input your launchpad information, here is an example:
Step 8. Input the link to your project's official website and social media.
Step 9. Click “Submit” and confirm the transaction at your Wallet Optional: You can choose to enable referral program to establish a functional affiliate marketing model. Each tier receives sales commission from their sub-affiliates' purchases of your project tokens. The referral reward/sales commission will be distributed in project tokens. When a user uses a coupon/referral link to purchase token, he/she is eligible to receive bonus on the purchase. Here is an example:
If all parameters are entered as above, this means: If customer A referral the token to customer B, customer A is at Tier 1 and customer B is at Tier 2. When customer B purchase 1,000 tokens, customer A receives 5% of the purchase amount as referral reward (50 tokens). If customer B refers the project to customer C, and customer C also purchase 1,000 tokens. Customer A gets 3%(30 tokens), Customer B gets 5%(50 tokens). "Reward to Sub-affiliates" means the bonus amount of token that a user receive when he/she purchase the tokens from a referral link or with a coupon code. If it is set to be 5%, a user gets 1000X(1+5%)=1050 tokens. Note: After the project is listed on Launchpad, you are allowed to edit/update the following information:
1.Social media links 2. Official website links 3. Logo URL Definition of terms:
Presale rate: Presale rate is the presale price you set for your token. For example, if your project is launched on BSC. Setting the presale rate as 20 means that 1BNB=20 Project tokens during presale.
Whitelisting: Upon enabling, only whitelisted wallet addresses can be used to purchase your presale tokens.
Soft Cap: A project cannot be listed unless its fund-raising reaches the soft cap. If a project fails to reach the soft cap before its presale ends, the status of the project will be marked as ended and all of the investment tokens will be automatically refunded to investors’ wallets.
A soft cap must be no less than 50% of the hard cap.
Refund Types: You can either burn the unsold presale tokens by clicking “Burn”, or send it back to the dev’s wallet by clicking “Refund”.
PancakeSwap Liquidity (%) : The percentage of the fund raised being added as liquidity to PancakeSwap. The percentage you input should be between 51%-100%.
Listing Rate: The initial price of your token when it is listed at an exchange. Since presale price is usually discounted, the listing price should be set to be higher than the presale price.
Liquidity Lockup (days) : The lock-up period for the liquidity pool.
Vesting Contributor: Check this box to impose a lock-up period on presale investors for the token withdrawal. See here to find out “How to finalize a presale/launchpad”:.....