Finalize a Presale

You can finalize your presale as soon as your raised fund is above the soft cap.

To finalize it, head to the launchpad page and find “Owner Dashboard” located at the bottom-right corner, click “Finalize Pool” to end your presale and initiate the listing phase.

One of the most common problems of finalizing your presale is related to fee exclusion. You must exclude fees, dividends and max tx for presale address to finalize a presale.

How to complete fee exclusion on AngelSale?

Step 1. Click on your token address at the launchpad page, it will direct you to BSCscan.

Step 2. Click “Contract”, then click “write Contract”, and click “Connected to Web3” to connect the owner wallet.

Step 3. Press “Ctrl + F” , search “exclude”. Then paste your presale address in the blanks under “excludeFromFee” and “excludeFromReward”.

Step 4. Click “Write” after you fill the blanks, and confirm the transaction at MetaMask.

If you see exclude (bool), please input “true”

Sometimes you might see “exempt” instead of “exclude” in your contract, if so, please press “Ctrl + F” and search for “exempt” instead.

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