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Create a flexible staking

What is Standard Staking?
A Standard Staking Pool allows your investors to stake their tokens for a period of time in exchange for passive income. Establishing a staking pool with a lucrative APR can significantly reduce the sell pressure of your token. Standard Staking Pool does not have a locked-up period, which means the stakeholders can withdraw both (1) the principal and (2) the return at any time.
How to Create a Standard Staking?
Step 1. Connect your wallet. Step 2. Input the token information, here is an example:
Step 3. Click “Approve” button Step 4. Confirm the transaction at your wallet (Service Fee) Step 5. The button changes to “Create Staking”, click it again Step 6. Confirm the transaction at your wallet again (Native token for staking reward) Step 7. You can find your staking pool at “Pool List” by turning on the “My Contribution” option.