How to set up a marketing campaign?

Dimensions of your Marketing Strategy

The making of marketing strategy of a blockchain project usually revolves around the following factors:

(1) What is your project?

A gamefi, an exchange or a service platform? Marketing your project to a group of uninterested audiences can be disastrous. People who are interested in play-to-earns are not necessarily active traders looking for a crypto-exchange. Most KOLs have their own unique fields of specialty. If you intend to promote a gamefi, we can help you make sure that the KOLs we select for you have a vibrant audience of gamers.

(2) What is your marketing budget?

If your budget is low, you might want to hire cheaper KOLs with slightly smaller influence. However, many “cheap” KOLs usually bot their accounts and inflate the number of subscribers in order to pitch their services to you.

(3) Which region are you promoting to?

You might want to apply for a different approach that suits the audience preference. For example, if your promotional target is the SEA region, you might want to consider Facebook and TikTok promotion. Sometimes, finding the high quality KOLs in a region & language that you are not familiar with can be very challenging. Don’t worry, AngelSale will take care of this problem for you. Our marketing experts have adequate experience in conducting grass-root marketing campaigns across NA, EU and Asian-Pacific regions.

(4) What is your marketing prioritization? To gain more investors or registered users?

Before designing a marketing campaign, first you have to define the purpose of it. $1000 for a marketing campaign can be spent differently to achieve distinctive goals. If you prioritize the growth in follower base, you should pick airdrop/telegram channels. The reason is that the CPA for those promotion channels are extremely cheap, however, the purchasing power can also be considerably lower. Most Ads being distributed through Twitter/Telegram are event driven, in other words, they are mostly short Ads with dozens of words announcing an airdrop or discount event.

Short Ads are good for attracting more users, but are less persuasive when it comes to buying and investing. The reason is obvious, the viewers can’t extract detailed information about your project including trust-worthiness and growth potential from an airdrop announcement. By contrast, having a KOL explaining project details and pitching it to his follower base is more effective to facilitate sales.

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