Team Verification (KYC)

Every time a scam project appears on the launchpad, it compromises the fund-rasing capability of the honest developers. AngelSale is a launchpad for the responsible developers, it is not a safe haven for scammers and rugpulls. Though we do not require team verification for launchpad or token creation, we highly recommend you make your project as transparent as possible. Trust is the cornerstone of a blockchain project and the first impression given to your potential investors before they look into other details.

At our launchpad, projects with team bios verified by our staff will receive a tag displayed next to their project names.

Team Verification:

If you want to make your project look trust-worthy, you can choose to get your team bois verified by us. The objective of the verification is to examine the authenticity of the team information you submit. You will be asked to provide identity documentations that can be in the forms of Passport, Residential ID or driver license. The verification procedure is identical to the trader KYC mandated by exchanges.

How to complete team verification?

Please contact @.... on Telegram to begin your verification process. AngelSale charges $300 per KYC paid in BUSD. Team verification will be completed within 48 hours after submission of the required documents.

Be aware that the team verification has a no-refund policy.

Follow-up Actions:

AngelSale will not identify a project as a scam or rugpull before we obtain clear and definite proof of the wrongdoing. If a project is classified as a scam:

  1. The team identity will be revealed upon the request of the financial victims.

  2. The financial victims can utilize the revealed team info to pursue litigation.

How to report a scam?

Investors may file a complaint of scam or rugpull via the google form below:

Our team will review the complaint within 48 hours and make a public statement regarding our final judgment. Once a project is considered as a scam by AngelSale, we will remove the project from launchpad and reveal the team identity to the victims. AngelSale adopts a zero-tolerance policy toward scammers, their accounts will be permanently blacklisted and prohibited from creating new tokens or launchpads.

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