Create an airdrop campaign

Step 1. Connect your wallet Step 2. Enter your token information and click “Next”, here is an example:

Step 3. Now select the task you want the participants to complete in order to claim their airdrops, and click “Next”. Take the following as an example: AngelSale Airdrop intends to let participants (1) follow the official Twitter account, (2) like a tweet as well as (3) joining the telegram group. Here is how we set it up:

You can assign points (weight) to different actions depending on your prioritization.

Step 4. Choose the method of distribution. If you select “Top+Random”, it means the reward will be distributed to both the participants with the highest points and the randoms by luck. Then assign the number of winners for each category and input their rewarded amount. When done, click “Next” to proceed.

Step 5. Review your airdrop information, then click “Submit”.

Step 6. Confirm the transaction at your wallet. Step 8. To host an airdrop event at AngelSale, you have to pre-deposit enough tokens to pay for the reward. Go to your wallet to confirm the transaction again.

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