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AngelSale provides a hand-tailored marketing consulting service for the specific needs of your project. Most startup projects pay a very expensive tuition fee when they first step into the marketing business. Tens of thousands of dollars were being wasted on ineffective promotion channels. If this is the first project you work on, you will likely be tricked by KOLs with botted accounts and fake followers.

How do we select KOLs?

We examine the marketing efficiency of every KOL based on their CPA (cost per action), namely the cost of bringing one additional registered user to the project. The data is generated from thousands of existing projects that have provided referral links to their influencers.

List of Services:

At AngelSale, you can find all kinds of marketing services to pursue your sales goal. They include but not limited to the followings:

(1) Twitter / Telegram KOL Marketing

(2) Telegram Bot

(3) Public Release Article

(4) Youtube KOL

(5) AMA with AngelSale

(6) Affiliate Marketing

Work with AngelSale

Please contact AngelSale on Telegram @AngelSaleMarketing

Marketing Partners


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